High Rollers

A Gambler who consistently wagers large amounts of money. OK, I’m not a High Roller yet, but a girl can dream.

Listen, on my recent visit to the casino I’d netted zero in profits but I did overcome my fears of betting the maximum on the slot machines. Truth be told, that was fun. Yeah, I’ll admit that as of today I’m $492 in the red but I’m less fearful of becoming a High Roller. I’m takin’ baby steps and it feels so good.

Oh, and by the way, I got my first casino card and let me tell you, I’m looking forward to receiving all the perks that come with it.

How would you feel if you won a jackpot? I would feel secure, blessed, thrilled, joyful, happy and ecstatic. You feeling me?

Ima say it again:

“You and I are worthy of abundance and Please Gamble Responsibly.” 

Casino life is fun! Stay positive and optimistic, capeesh!