More Money More Phone Calls From Strangers

I’d heard that the moment you receive money is also the moment your phone doesn’t stop ringing. Why is that? Because money attracts people. So, why do so many of us advertise the fact that we have a lot of money? Do we want attention? What better way of getting attention than having a wad of money as a carrot stick?

What would you do if you won a jackpot at the casino? Tell everyone or keep your mouth shut? Enquiring minds wanna know.

Since I haven’t won a jackpot, I couldn’t tell you what I’d do as far as broadcasting my windfall to the world. Better yet, how could anyone keep it a secret that they won a jackpot at the casino?

It’s no secret that you and I are worthy of abundance. Chances are that you know exactly what you must do in order to be happy and fulfilled. Am I right?

Well, I’m going to the casino today and if I win a jackpot, I’ll find out the answer to my question, i.e., broadcast or keep quiet. Whatever happens, I know I’m living my best life. 😉

Casino life is fun! Remember you’ll have plenty of chances of winning a jackpot before you win.

Please gamble responsibly. Don’t get me started. 😉

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