Say Win

WTF, I didn’t know! I didn’t know that there are different types of slot machines. Color me stupid. All this time I was under the impression that slot machines were all alike. Well, I was wrong.

There are ‘Single Coin, Multipliers, Progressive, and Reel Slot machines and more that are all unique in design and payouts. I really feel like a kid in a candy store. I’m so excited.

OK, my first official visit to the casino in Tucson was productive for more than one reason. First off, I won back my initial investment. Second, I’m gettin’ a real class education on all things related to slot machines. Thanks to research on the internet and watching YouTube videos.

Third, I’m keeping a journal of how much money I’d won/lost. So, here’s the break down so far:

1st visit $100 + $3 ATM fee = $103

Left with $90 = $13 lost

2nd visit $90 + $30 = $120

Withdrew $100 + $3 ATM fee = $103

Left with $40 = $183 lost 

Net lost = $196

You betcha I’m adding in the ATM fee. Don’t get me started! 😉

I’m what you call, ‘Lowball’ gambler. Unlike ‘Highball’ gamblers, I spend a lot less money. I’m a nickel and dime type of gambler. The most I’d spent was $300 in one visit. If you’re like me, you know the chances of becoming addicted to gambling are slim. Don’t get me twisted, I love winning and know I have to spend money in order to win money. So, I’m excited to see where this casino life journey takes me. Do I risk more money? Enquiring minds wanna know. 😉

Well, after my first visit to the casino, I was curious to why there were so many penny slot machines. First off, I’d never played a penny slot machine. I really thought it was lame to bet one penny. Again, I was wrong, because I found out that penny slot machines are expensive and get this, penny slot machines are nothing more than glorified arcade games wrapped in a slot machine to appeal to us baby boomers. How clever, sneaky, and underhanded. I love it.

Hello, you and I are worthy of abundance. Knowing that and feeling that I’m excited to be sharing my journey through casino life with you. Jackpot

Tomorrow I’ll share with you my take away from watching YouTube videos of casino customers winning jackpots. It’s lit!

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