President Obama Was The GOAT Part 2

Since our corporate news media’s obsession with the Biggest Loser aka Trump ain’t going away anytime soon, the rest of us can focus on the GOAT aka President Obama. It wasn’t that long ago when our country was in really good hands. From 2009 through 2017, President Obama’s leadership was spectacular. Let’s do it again…Vote Blue in 2020.

Say what you want about President Obama but:

“Someone needs to remind Trump and his supporters that there was only one person who walked on water and he didn’t pay porn actresses to have unprotected sex with him. Trump didn’t walk on water Jesus did.”

Although Trump does swim in pee. Peelieve me. LMAO

The best advice I can give you is to ignore Trump and his supporters and focus on a $30 Federal minimum wage law or Universal Healthcare or Women’s Equality or Marriage Equality or anything that you and I are worthy of receiving.

China if you’re listening why don’t you get an unredacted copy of the Mueller Report and upload it onto the Internet. I’m sure President Pelosi will reward you! 😉