The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Scam’s Club

The Practice Of Slavery

When I tell you that the Practice of Slavery was alive and doing well at Walmart/Scam’s Club where I’d worked once upon a time, trust and believe me.

60 Days Evaluation

Like I’d mentioned in my previous post, I’d worked for Walmart/Scam’s Club for approximately ten months before I was fired. However, during my sixty day’s evaluation, I was accused of working too slow and leaving work for other employees. However, the day after my evaluation the Umpa Lumpa bitch supervisor gave me a ‘List of Tasks’ to do. I’d completed all of them except for the last one. About midway through my shift, another co-worker named Clyde showed up to work and began helping me.

So You Wannabe Starting Something

The last task on this list was placing several boxes of clothing (Photo posted above) onto a trailer cart which Clyde said he’d complete since it was time for me to go to lunch. I’d returned from lunch a half hour later, only to be confronted by the Umpa Lumpa bitch supervisor and she went off on me. This is a copy of my original statement of the incident:

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, Lucy approached me at approximately 8am and presented me with a list of tasks to complete. At approximately 1pm Lucy approached me again and abruptly questioned if I’d completed all the tasks. I’d responded “Yes.” Lucy retorted, “No you didn’t.” Then proceeded chastising me because another employee had helped me finish one of the tasks.

Lucy’s continued verbal harassing behavior towards me is disturbing and unwanted.

“I Saw Clyde Helping You

I wanted you to do it.” Those were Lucy’s exact words to me and yes I was taken aback. First off my inner voice said, “What the fuck does it matter, the work was completed what more do you want bitch?” But then I was reminded that the Umpa Lumpa bitch verbally assaulted every employee in her orbit. But in real time, it took every ounce of my being not to tell that bitch what I was thinking. I’d back off, but I’ll admit, I was fucking pissed. Within an hour my shift was over, I went home and recanted the entire incident on paper and file a complaint against that Umpa Lumpa bitch on my next shift.


After that incident, I’d started documenting what I’d considered cruel and unusual behavior perpetrated by my co-workers, supervisors, and managers towards me. You can’t tell me that those evaluation forms were not a way for supervisors like Lucy to intimidate employees. Lucy was Projecting and she wasn’t fooling me.

I’ll give you more insight so stay tuned.

You Need To Hire More Employees

On more that one occasion, I had told that Umpa Lumpa bitch that Walmart/Scam’s Club needed to hire more employees. That fact felled on deaf ears, because the solution for her and other supervisors/managers was harassing and intimidating the few employees like me who showed up to work.

If You Want Top Notch Customer Service

Don’t patronize Walmart/Scam’s Club because they treat their employees like dog shit. They promote employees into supervisory and management positions who obviously have the mental capacity of a #2 pencil. They paid their hourly employees’ slave wages, hire them as part-time (meaning no benefits), and expect one employee to complete the work of four full-time employees. So cry me a river if you’re upset that you have to use self-checkout registers. It’s your fucking fault.

A $30 Federal Minimum Wage Law

Is an idea whose time has come. Why? Because you and I are worthy of abundance.