Wash Your Fu*kin’ Hands

I’m only speaking to the lazy, grown ass mutha fu*kers (probably 1 out of a thousand people) who don’t wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. YUCK! Seriously, do you really need to be told to wash your hands?

Now, I’ll give children the benefit of the doubt that they just forgot to wash their hands, but not some grown-ass human being who should know better. And please, don’t give me some holistic reason for not washing your hands especially after toileting. There’s no excuse except that you’re a lazy, gross, and unclean person.

Holy shit, don’t get me started on folks who don’t flush the toilet at home or in public. Which is a great segway into this gem of a story? Once upon a time, I was working at a bank in Los Angeles and for some reason, someone wasn’t flushing the toilet in the women’s bathroom that was adjacent to the employee’s break room. However, a few trouble-making bitches at work believed it was me. No, they didn’t tell me that to my face, they were to chicken shit to do that. But in order to fuck with me, one of them did make a big production of waiting for me to exit the bathroom and then she went in like the bathroom police. She was purposely pointing her crooked finger at me, but I wasn’t fazed. Hell, I was surprised she wasn’t right outside the bathroom stall with me. If you’re wondering, no it wasn’t me perpetrating that heinous act of not flushing the toilet and yes at the time, I’d resented those trouble-making bitches for believing it was me. I’d even suspected it was one of those trouble-making bitches who was the guilty person. Trust me, some folks would do anything to cast aspersions onto others.

I’d been an Executive Housekeeper, an Assistant Executive Housekeeper, and a custodian for a public school district and I’ve seen it all when it comes to nasty, filthy, disgusting, and gross bathroom habits from people of all gender, class, and ethnicity.

Truth be told, his blog is really cheap therapy for me. 😉

The good news is that you and I are worthy of abundance, no matter how filthy you are when it comes to your bathroom habits. There will always be a ‘Hazel’ like me to clean up after you. Trust me, everyone deserves a clean toilet. Speaking of deserving, a $30 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time has come.