Helter Skelter Politics Part Forty: Trump To Roberts, “Baby, baby, I want you.”

By now everyone and their mommas know that Trump brutally betrayed Bill Barr by publicly lusting after another man. Yeah, but the best part, I’d predicted Trump’s betrayal. I’ll admit it was easy because Trump’s a one trick pony. C’mon, Bill Barr is standing in a long, long, long line of ex Trump Fixers all betrayed by Trump. Am I wrong? 😉

Holy shit, may I remind you that men like Trump have no qualms paying for their mistresses to get an abortion with taxpayer money, while simultaneously in bed with some Pro-Life Charlatans and shading Back Alley Abortion Doctors all waiting to get their grubby little hands on profits from women paying for a back alley abortion. That and hustling the Evangelical Christian’s votes. Don’t be fooled, Trump ain’t loyal.

Just ask Melania. On second thought, you don’t have to ask. The woman had been showing us at every opportunity that Trump ain’t loyal. The first thing Micheal Cohen did was turn Melania against Trump, he showed Melania thousands of receipts where Trump paid for his mistresses to get an abortion with taxpayer money. Those same receipts that Mueller confiscated during the FBI’s raid on Michael Cohen’s office and home. That’s just one of the reasons why Trump and his cabal don’t want the unredacted Mueller Report released to the public.

So now you and I know for a fact who’s the traitor in the Whore House formerly known as the White House. Shhhhhhhh, it’s our secret. 😉

Don’t be fooled by our corporate news media’s obsessions with all things Trump. Trump is porn for those ‘Good Ole Boyz.’ Just proves why men like Trump have to pay porn actresses to have unprotected sex with them. Men like Trump love women who have a brain for business and a body for sin. Can you blame them? Anyhoot, men like Trump believe it’s their patriotic duty to pay for their mistresses abortions with taxpayer money. I say, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”Am I wrong? 😉

So yeah, a $30 Federal minimum wage law is another great idea whose time has come. Why? Because you and I are worthy of abundance.

Liberals, your mission, should you choose to accept it, ‘Make Honoring Your Worthiness Great Again.’ 

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