Helter Skelter Politics Part Thirty-One: Snap Out Of It And Try Escapism

Seriously, it’s not what happens to you, but how you handle it. Yeah, I really do understand your fears about Trump’s Presidency. It’s scary and I don’t blame you for feeling exhausted from worrying. Your feelings of frustrations and your stress are palpable. Like I’d mentioned before, I too had my moments of exhaustion, frustrations, and stress. During the Bush Jr. and Cheney administration, I was having my own living in Hell moments. Just when I thought the storm had passed after President Obama was elected, birtherism showed up followed by a Trump Presidency. All I can tell you is that Helter Skelter politics are here to stay. It’s just an evolution of Republican politics.

I’d thought it couldn’t get any worse politically than Bush Jr. and Cheney walking away unscathed after eight years of absolute corruption. To my determent, Birtherism was created followed by a Trump Presidency. So, my only saving grace was to ‘Snap Out Of It.’ Holy shit, I’d realized that Republican’s only agenda is helping the wealthiest among us accumulate more wealth. Right now there’s someone in the Republican Party who is worse than Trump. and he/she will also rise to power in the Republican Party.

All I can tell you is there’s always a silver lining and in this case, it’s called ‘Escapism.’ OK, back in 2011, I’d escaped by aligning with President Obama’s Infinite Patience and today, I’m living my best life. Sowing the seeds of a $30 Federal minimum wage law has its benefits.

You and I are worthy of receiving abundance.

So, Liberals, your mission, should you choose to accept it, ‘Make Escapism Great Again.’ 


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