Helter Skelter Politics Part Twenty Nine: Some Liberals Are Having A Moment

C’mon, we’re all adults, I feel you. I had my moment during the Bush Jr./Cheney administration. That moment when I’d realized that I too could be driven to hate. That moment was as terrifying as it was liberating because I saw everyone as an image of Greatness. We are all Winners and don’t let anyone try to make you believe the opposite is true.

Was it me, or did you see that during the Bill Clinton Presidency, that Republicans held President Clinton to a higher standard and crucified him for not living up to those standards? Oh, but it gets betta, because, during the Bush Jr Presidency, Republicans held Bush Jr to a lower standard and therefore felt justification for protecting him. Then during the Obama Presidency, Republicans held him up to a Deity standard and crucified him for not living up to those standards. The créme de la créme was as soon as Trump stole the US Presidency, Republicans held him to such a low standard that our corporate news media’s societal message was that Trump was a Deity. C’mon, even Stevie Wonder can see that scam for what it is, i.e., the Republican’s only agenda is helping the wealthiest among us accumulate more wealth.

Birtherism pushed my feelings of unworthiness almost every fucking time I heard and read anything about it. Trust me, Birtherism dominated our corporate news media. Remember this was on top of Bush Jr’s Presidency. I mean, how much can a bitch like me take? 😉 However, a bright light appeared, I’d aligned with President Obama’s Infinite Patience and the rest is ‘Living My Best Life’ history.

C’mon, President Obama Presidency cemented the foundation of Democracy. He had plenty of help from previous Democratic Presidents. The good news is that the cavalry is already here. Yeah, I know it looks bad, but badness is in the eye of the beholder. Just sayin’!

We’re all worthy of receiving abundance so a $30 Federal minimum wage law is a rich idea. Sowing and cultivating the seeds of success has its benefits.

Liberals, your mission, should you choose to accept it, ‘Make Honoring Your Worthiness Great Again.’


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