Pimp T Is The First Black President

What goes around comes around. The tendency to stereotype anyone has its benefits. Pimp T is a lazy thug living with his mommy in the Projects. In Pimp T’s case, mommy is Mike Pence. Pimp T has all the classic thug mentalities on steroids. Remember, Central Park 5? Suffice it to say, but Pimp T’s supporters are n***a lovers. C’mon, Pimp T pays porn actresses to have unprotected sex with him, that’s thuggish. I see nothing wrong with Pimp T’s supporters idolizing the first Black President and his cabal of thugs. They truly believe that Pimp T was anointed the Presidency. I ain’t mad at them. All I can say to Pimp T’s supporters is, be careful what you wish for! 😉

It’s OK that Pimp T was the first Black President and President Obama was the first Decade of Conscientiousness President. President Obama sowed and reaped the benefits of The Power of Consistency, the Power of Infinite Patience. and the Power of Wisdom. President Obama was and still is a great teacher. When you discover how fortunate we are for having a President Obama, then you’ll feel relaxed and upbeat. Everything will be alright, the cavalry is here.

Liberals, your mission, should you choose to accept it. ‘Make Socialism Great Again.’

Make Socialism Great Again’ beget a $30 Federal minimum wage law.