Pimp T And Pimp Y

What do the Orchids of Asia Day Spas and Mar-a-Lago have in common? Its where the wealthiest among us go to get their freaks on. Take, for instance, Billionaire and NFL Owner Robert Kraft, he’s using his tax windfall to pay prostitutes to give him a blowjob. C’mon, the NFL Owners may be offended when Black men kneel during the national anthem, but you won’t hear them complaining about a prostitute kneeling in front of their groins.

Remember when FOXNEWS got its panties in a bunch over Reverend Jeremiah Wright and then-candidate Sen Barack Obama association? Just proves my point that FOXNEWS is nothing more than a brothel masquerading as a cable news channel. Where’s the uproar about Pimp Cindy Yang and her tight-knit association with Pimp T? Oh, my bad, FOXNEWS Hosts get a discount to visit the Orchids of Day Spas.

It’s obvious that elected Republicans have one agenda and that’s to help the wealthiest among us accumulate more wealth. More Wealth, more trafficking of women to give Conservatives like Billionaire Robert Kraft a blow job, Kinky, kinky, kinky.

Pimp T’s new 2020 campaign slogan, ‘Make Trafficking Women Great Again.’