Pimp T And His Harem

Formerly known as the Birther King Harem. C’mon, this explains why Pimp T was partying with the Founder of the Orchids of Asia Day Spas on Super Bowl Sunday. I ain’t mad at Pimp T, because he did say he would create jobs. 😉

A funny thing happened on the way to Pimp T’s impeachment. A brothel named FOXNEWS got its panties all in a bunch after Tom Perez, Chairperson of the DNC, stood up to those Jeffrey Epstein wannabes, sniveling bitch-ass cowards. Seriously, the same FOXNEWS that sowed and reap the benefits of Birtherism.

I’ll like to see Oprah interview two of the women FOXNEWS CEO/Executives coerced into sex slaves. I’ll like to see Gayle King interview the woman who accused Pimp T of doing his best impersonation of Jeffrey Epstein on her. What say you?

However, if Oprah and/or Gayle are looking into promoting a vision of America where a $30 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time has come, then I have an investment for them.  Look, I get it, they have to show both sides. I ain’t mad at Oprah or Gayle. Actually, they’re Phenoms.

Just so you know how committed I am to eradicate the fear of Socialism from the planet, ‘Make Socialism Great Again’ will be coming to a neighborhood near you!