Pimp T And The Whores Who Love Him

You gotta love Congressional Republicans for fawning all over Pimp T. C’mon, One of Pimp T’s BFF is the founder of the Orchids of Asia Day Spas. With connections like that, who wouldn’t befriend Pimp T?

I ain’t mad at Congressional Republicans because they’re happy. Anyone who believes in happiness is happy for Congressional Republicans. To be fair, FOXNEWS is a brothel masquerading as a cable news channel, so Congressional Republicans are in the habit of idolizing Pimps. 😉

Wanna hear something funny? Well, from 2007 FOXNEWS Hosts sowed and cultivated the seeds of Birtherism, while coercing their female employees into sex slaves. Now if that’s not scandalous enough for you. Know this, Pimp T became the Birther King back in 2011. However, in real time, 2019, FOXNEWS and Pimp T are offended by Tom Perez’s decision to snub FOXNEWS over hosting a debate with the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominees. Personally, Tom Perez deserves a parade for standing up to Pimp T and his Whores.

Imagine being so hypnotized by Pimp T that you’re willing to publicly debase yourself while pointing your finger at everyone else. Pimp T’s supporters have no qualms with Pimp T’s new 2020 campaign slogan, ‘Make Trafficking Women Great Again.’ 

I ain’t mad at Pimp T because he’s paving the way for a President Pelosi. So, why would I be angry at Pimp T? It just makes $en$e for a Blogger like me to feel gratitude.

So much gratitude that I’m advocating for a $30 Federal minimum wage law. Why not? American Workers are worthy of abundance.

Liberals, your mission, should you choose to accept it. ‘Make Socialism Great Again.’