The DNC Dog Walked FOXNEWS

Pimp T got his panties in a bunch after Tom Perez, Chairperson for the DNC gave Pimp T the middle finger. Don’t get it twisted, Pimp T is the same petty man who will only be interviewed by a FOXNEWS Host. Where’s the uproar?  So I find it hilarious that Pimp T is so revengeful and threatening. Not only did Pimp T received the luxury of pimping his way through his fake Presidency for two years. But during those two years, Pimp T had no qualms giving someone or something his middle finger.

Hey Pimp T, you need to be more grateful, count your blessings, and resign before you embarrass yourself beyond infinity.

Holy shit, it just occurred to me that because Pimp T recently got dog walked by Kim Jong Un, that this bullshit about being offended that FOXNEWS was dog walked by the DNC is just misplaced anger.

Remember, FOXNEWS sowed and cultivated the seeds of Birtherism. Now there are folks whining about Tom Perez being unfair to a bunch of Jeffrey Epstein wannabe, racist, and sniveling bitch ass cowards aka FOXNEWS Hosts.

Afraid? Who in their right mind would be in a mile radius of any FOXNEWS Host knowing that he [FOXNEWS Host] exploited women for his own depraved sexual fantasies? It’s no secret that Roger Ailes was addicted to penis enlargement pills like most white supremacists are. Right Pimp T?

I don’t know who Pimp T’s Disciples are fooling by publicly whining that the DNC isn’t being fair to FOXNEWS. Or trying to taunt the DNC with some bullshit about Democrats being afraid of FOXNEWS. Either way, Pimp T’s Disciples are just proving my point about misplaced anger. They’re still reeling from living with the agony of defeat every day and it got worse after Pimp T got dog walked by Kim Jong Un. Pimp T’s Disciples are taking out their frustrations on the DNC. I ain’t mad at Pimp T’s Disciples, please keep doing what you’re doing cause I can’t make this shit up! Thanks! 😉

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media but a President Pelosi is a hop, skip, and leap away. Pimp T and his main ‘girl’ will resign in disgrace. Y’all wanna know what I’m optimistic about? SCOTUS Justice Barack Obama. C’mon, Conservatives are jealous because Liberals make sowing the seeds of success look easy.

A $30 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time has come. Why? Because American Workers are worthy of abundance.

Liberals your mission, should you choose to accept it. ‘Make Socialism Great Again.’