FOXNEWS Is A Brothel Masquerading As A Cable News Channel

However, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, The Chicken House, formerly known as the White House where TrumpĀ engages in sexual activity with Russian prostitutes/porn actresses/daughter is called ‘Executive Time. C’mon, it explains why some Religious ‘Leaders’ flock to Trump. It explains why Congressional Republicans love and enable Trump 24/7. It explains why Trump’s supporters are fanatics. Itsy-bitsy boys like Trump have to pay women to have unprotected sex with them.

Talking smack is what itsy-bitsy boys like Trump do. C’mon, everyone knows that Trump is addicted to penis enlargement pills. Racists like Trump know that size does matter. Don’t be fooled, penis envy is all the rage among Trump and his itsy-bitsy cabal.

Don’t worry Liberals, she got this! šŸ˜‰