Hoodrat Nation Part Fifty-Four: Hoodrats Live In Glass Houses

Oh, and trust me, we throw stones. For example, “Say what you want about Republicans/Conservatives but they biblically screw a lot of people in and out of the bed!” I ain’t mad at cha. Pass the popcorn because Hell hath no fury like a gun-toting, Hillbilly Heroin/porn addicted, and Confederate flag waving/MAGA hat wearing Evangelical Christian scorned.

Fuck the dumb shit, I wanna talk about Personal power. You and I are worthy of abundance so knowing that and feeling that, you and I know that a $30 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time has come.

When you begin or when you’re living your life with passion, the people around you will make you their scapegoat to conceal their own sins. I ain’t mad at them because they’re teaching me how to master my emotions. So, my advice to you, keep reading my blog every day. Think of it as a daily dose of Psychological Resilience. You deserve it! 😉

An Abundance of Peace will eradicate fear.

Liberals you have a mission, should you choose to accept it. ‘Make Socialism Great Again.’ Trust me, I’d felt an abundance of peace sowing and nourishing the seeds of success.

Hat or t-shirt? Oh, my bad, I’m thinking about investing in producing, marketing, and selling ‘Make Socialism Great Again’ hats and/or t-shirts.

My mission to ‘Make Socialism Great Again’ will be fun and will teach others about the Power of Consistency.

Seize The Moment is the name of my investment firm. Whatcha think?


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