Hoodrat Nation Part Fifty: Hoodrats Love Megalomaniacs

You know, a person who suffers delusions of their own power or importance. Right now in politics Bernie Sanders fills the vacancy left by Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side. I ain’t mad at Bernie Sanders, because I’m a Hoodrat and I love Megalomaniacs.

Hello, I’m the poster child of ‘A person who suffers delusions of their own power or importance.’ Only a megalomaniac would support a $30 Federal minimum wage law and trust me, there are millions of us. We make being a megalomaniac look chic! 😉

Do you see what I see? How our corporate news media loves megalomaniacs too? In one day Bernie Sanders was already wetting the panties of some Journalists. Just proves that loving a megalomaniac is the new normal. Well, it does help that our corporate news media is owned by megalomaniacs. Talk about ‘Advantage.’ 😉

Who doesn’t love a story about a megalomaniac? For example, the Birther King who morphed into the Kidnapper-N-Chief pulled the ‘Biblical Authority’ card from his ass regarding his ‘Fake Wall,’ flipped it down on the table, walked away, and all he managed to accomplish was omelet-gate. That shit was too funny. Oh, but it gets betta, because, by this time next year, FOXNEWS will had consistently ramped up their harshest criticism towards Trump for paving the way for President Pelosi. Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😉

Liberals you have a mission, should you choose to accept it. ‘Make Socialism Great Again.’ Socialism has it$ benefit$.



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