Hoodrat Nation Part Forty: The Wild And Wacky Mind Of Trump’s Pecker

Holy shit, Trump was in bed with the National Enquirer and Trump loved his Pecker. Well, Trump’s Pecker got dog walked by Jeff Bezos and the rest is Trump hates his Pecker history. This shit is too funny!

Trump’s Pecker had a snowball’s chance in Hell of defeating the richest man in the world and he [Trump’s Pecker] didn’t know it until it was too late. Did it ever occur to Trump’s Pecker that Hillary Clinton set him up?

I’m very confident this morning based upon Trump’s Pecker gettin’ dog walked by Jeff Bezos that a $30 Federal minimum wage law is within the realm of possibilities. Listen, I ain’t mad at Trump, because it was Trump’s Pecker that didn’t rise to the occasion, again! 😉

You and I are worthy of abundance and trust me, Trump’s comeuppance has/is/will forever be an abundance of laughter. C’mon, Trump’s Pecker is synonymous with Limpy, Limpy, Limpy.

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media apparatus that Trump’s Pecker got dog walked by Jeff Bezos to the degree that Trump felt the agony of defeat and waved the white flag of surrender on his fake ‘Wall.’

Scoreboard time…

Democracy scored ‘2’

Trump and his cabal scored ‘0’

Trump got dog walked by Nancy Pelosi and Trump’s Pecker got dog walked by Jeff Bezos.  Enquirer minds want to know, “Which sleazy associate, in Trump’s inner circle, will get dog walked next?” Pass the popcorn! 😉



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