Hoodrat Nation Part Thirty-Nine: Did You Hear About Trump’s Pecker?

Well, apparently Trump’s Pecker went after the richest man in the world and got dog walked. Now Trump and his Pecker are mortal enemies. Each blaming the other for their public defeat. But the best part, those gun-toting, Hillbilly Heroin/porn addicted, and Confederate flag waving/MAGA hat wearing Evangelical Christians are beginning to smell Trump’s stench of betraying. Holy shit, they don’t like the smell of betrayal. Pass the popcorn! 😉

Today, the only wall Trump wants is a wall between him and his Pecker. This shit is too funny! 🙂

If you thought Trump’s Pecker couldn’t rise to the occasion, the sex predator who is also a Black Republican impersonating a Black Democrat impersonating a Black Republican, well his political career ended. But the good news for Bloggers like me is that his new scam began. I’m so excited I’m clapping my hands. 😉

Fuck the dumb shit, a $30 Federal minimum wage law is lit. It’s just one way of honoring the worthiness of American Workers. Trust me, sowing the seeds of success reaps benefits and opportunities. Y’all feeing me? 😉

Whether than deception you might substitute humor. It works for me! 😉


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