Hoodrat Nation Part Thirty-Three: Vicky Dillard Is Awesome

In a hoodrat way! Fuck the dumb shit, today I’m aware that Vicky Dillard is over $2 million dollars in debt due to restitution to the victims of her crimes. Oh, it gets betta, Vicky has transformed into a Nubian Queen. The ‘Fly Nubian Queen You-tube channel has its benefits for Vicky Dillard. Enquiring minds want to know, does being in a business relationship with Vicky Dillard qualify you as ‘cooning?’ Mortgage fraud scams are synonymous with hoodrat behavior. In other words, Vicky Dillard makes being a Hoodrat look chic. I ain’t mad at cha! 😉

Vicky Dillard is just one of the millions of American Workers worthy of abundance. That’s why a $30 Federal minimum wage law in America is an idea whose time has come. It’s called honoring the worthiness of every American Worker.

Has anyone been keeping score on Trump’s umpteenth scam? Oh, my bad, it’s the scam that involves Trump and his cabal getting their grubby little hands on a $5B Abortion Slush Fund masquerading as ‘Protecting America’s Southern Borders.’ The only southern borders Trump and his cabal are protecting are south of their mistresses midsection. Why such a stupid scam? Because Trump and his cabal are in bed with some shady Grifters masquerading as Religious Leaders, Pro-Life Supporters, and Corporate News Media CEOs. Trust me, if their mistresses get pregnant, they will have access to a quality abortion while other women will be restricted by the Trump’s in this world from a quality abortion. The best part, Trump and his cabal have no qualms betraying Evangelical Christians. I ain’t mad at Trump and his cabal, because Hell hath no fury like a gun-toting, Hillbilly Heroin/porn addicted, Confederate flag waving/MAGA hat wearing Evangelical Christian scorned.

Pass the popcorn! 😉



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