Hoodrat Nation Part Twenty Seven: Trump’s Public Ass Kicking By Nancy Pelosi Was Lit

After the MAGA hat wearing Umpa Lumpa bitches at Walmart/Scam’s Club masquerading as Managers, made one of their own the scapegoat, what do you think was their method of torturing her? They’d scheduled her for the majority of the Closing Shift per week. Holy shit, those MAGA hat wearing Umpa Lumpa bitches undermined their own arguments about the Closing Shifts. The Closing Shift was proof that the ‘Practice of Slavery was alive and doing well at Walmart/Scam’s Club.’ So suffice it to say, to get rid of an employee, one of their underhanded ploys was to scheduled that employee for the majority of the Closing Shift per week. The Closing Shifts were torture. Listen, I can’t make this shit up?! 😉

I’d heard it from a very reliable source, i.e., Mandigo. Mandigo told me that the Managers at Walmart/Scam’s Club were trying to get rid of one of their own, i.e. the same Supervisor that tormented other employees just for fun. Yeah, it’s a MAGA hat wearing Umpa Lumpa bitch’s worse kept secret, i.e. tormenting employees for fun!

Trust me, that MAGA hat wearing Umpa Lumpa bitch masquerading as a Supervisor ran into a brick wall when she came after me. Her racist ass went from hunter to prey and I was thrived having a cat’s bird seat to all this deliciously drama. Come back for some more juicy scandals perpetrated at Walmart/Scam’s Club. It was lit!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…A $30 Federal minimum wage law is just one present waiting for American Workers to open.

Nancy Pelosi grabbed Trump by the p***y to the degree that Ann Coulter felt some pain. Now I’m going to predict that Trump and Ann Coulter will seek revenge against Nancy Pelosi. But what you won’t hear from our corporate news media is that Trump and Ann Coulter are more afraid of MAGA hat wearing, Hillbilly Heroin/porn addicted, and Confederate flag waving Evangelical Christians scorned. Trump’s latest capitulation is just more proof that Trump has no qualms paying for one of his mistresses to have access to a quality abortion and why Trump and his cabal can’t wait to get their grubby little hands on Trump’s $5B Abortion Slush Fund.

Got some more news and I’m not sure how to take it. It’s another financial windfall and it’s coming my way. So stay tuned to see if I’m lucky enough to strike gold in one month!