Hoodrat Nation Part Twenty Three: The Hunter Became The Prey

Within one month of employment with Walmart/Scam’s Club, two of my co-workers had resigned, and in ten months, eleven co-workers either quit, resigned, or were fired. Trust me, the average length of stay for a new employee was three weeks. Yet, there was a MAGA hat wearing Umpa Lumpa bitch trying to convince me that I was the problem.

Y’all know what happened next. She was put on the hot seat to the degree that she perpetrated the most hideous scam. She faked her husband’s car accident, to escape her many ‘Closing Shifts’ in one week. Yeah, as predictable as the Sun rising from the east, the MAGA hat wearing Umpa Lumpa bitches turned against each other.

Listen, approximately three months before I was fired, Mandigo came on board and he made the MAGA hat wearing Umpa Lumpa Supervisor bitch look like a Mother Teresa. Mandigo was a big, black man, and he felt right at home committing ‘Time Thief.’ He snatched the ‘Grapevine’ from that MAGA hat wearing Umpa Lumpa bitch while her collusion with the other MAGA hat wearing Umpa Lumpa bitches was fractured beyond repair. Karma is a bitch! As for me, I really was impressed by Mandigo’s gossiping behavior. Holy shit, I didn’t make up the fake husband’s car accident ploy, Mandigo had a bird’s eye seat to this treacherous ploy and he recited it beautifully. Trust me, it wasn’t my imagination running away with me. Come back tomorrow for the juicy details.

Sowing the seeds of a $30 Federal minimum wage law has it$ benefit$.

Holy shit, Trump and his cabal are on the receiving end of the wrath/fury of millions of gun-toting, Hillbilly Heroin/porn addicted, Confederate flag waving/MAGA hat wearing Evangelical Christians scorned. Karma is a bitch! 😉

OK, I’m at a crossroad, either I take the road to earning a six-figure salary or continue to earn an unlivable wage. Like I’d mentioned before, I have the opportunity to get my grubby little hands on $57000 in approximately two months. I’m opposed to living off of that $57000, so I have a sweet dilemma. Faith or no faith! Told Y’all that I have an uphill battle. Are you feeling me? 😉