Hoodrat Nation Part Seventeen: One Ain’t A Lonely Number

I knew my black ass was in trouble after the Supervisor told me early on in my employment with Walmart/Scam’s Club, “If you work the ‘Closing’ shift you have to stay until all the work is done.” Yeah, my response was, “Fuck you and that Plantation Horse you can riding in on.” 

First off, I’d submitted my application to work at Walmart/Scam’s Club and clearly stated that I was only available to work from 6AM to 5PM. Do you think Walmart/Scam’s Club gave a fuck? Long story short, I was hired based on my application and in no time was scheduled on a ‘Closing Shift.’ Did I stay until all the work was done? Hell NO! Y’all know those sniveling bitches masquerading as Supervisors and Managers at Walmart/Scam’s Club didn’t appreciate my attitude. They all took turns at trying to intimidate me. It was lit. Come back because there’s more of where that came from. 😉

Think about this, a $30 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time had come. Booyah!

OK, Trump and his cabal weren’t satisfied with their #GOPtaxscam windfall. No, now they want a $5B Abortion Slush Fund. Oh, my bad, you don’t know, Trump is in bed with some Religious/Pro-Life/Corporate Media CEO Grifters, all anxiously waiting to get their grubby little hands on Trump’s $5B Abortion Slush Fund. Where’s the uproar? 😉