Hoodrat Nation Part Fourteen: Your Ego Will Always Betray You

So, don’t take your frustrations out on me. I ain’t nobody’s whooping post. OK, and know this that Shady found out the hard way. I credited Shady’s ego for Shady’s comeuppance. In real time, Shady was plotting to leave me one big gigantic and stinky mess in the school’s restrooms, while I was plotting to expose his ‘Time Thief’ behavior on video. The question I have is, “If Shady wasn’t cleaning the restrooms, what was Shady doing at work?”

Oh, it gets betta, because the next question I had was, “Why does the Facilities Manager condone Shady’s ‘Time Thief’ behavior?” The answer was swift, “Shady perpetrated his ‘Time Thief’ behavior while the Facilities Manager engages in his own ‘Time Thief’ behavior.

There wasn’t an opportunity that the Facilities Manager nor Shady passed up to proved my intuitions about them.

Long story short, I’d purchase a USB Flash Drive, downloaded all those Shady’s videos and sent it to some very prominent people. Just like you, they know that I’d proved my case against Grady and Shady! 😉

OK, a $30 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time had come.