Hoodrat Nation Part Ten: I’d Figuratively Did A Yasmine James On Grady And Shady

I wrote a scandalous book about my year-long employment with a public school district as a Custodian. That’s where Grady and Shady crossed my path. Two of the most skilled Time Thieves I’d met in 2017. After I’d plummeted their corrupt asses, over and over again, I wrote a book titled, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. Get your copy and get a copy for your best friend from ‘Amazon books.’ They’ll be indebted to you for life! Just sayin’.

OK, I’d like you to think about this. Grady and Shady had no qualms leaving toxic waste inside the bottoms of all the cafeteria trash bins. Yeah, those two were so unfazed by their corrupt behavior that it appeared normal. I kid you not. But the best part, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? Enquiring minds want to know?

Knowing that the Grady’s and Shady’s are a dime a dozen within our low wage job industries, it’s my mission to see that those employees working under those strenuous working environments receive no less than $30 per hour. A livable wage and then some. Trust me, hourly workers deserve every penny working alongside the Grady’s (MAGA hat wearing bitch) and the Shady’s (Poor man’s Kanye West) in this world.

Nancy Pelosi is living by the Evangelical Christian’s rules. Trust me, she knows that in Trump’s world the #GOPtaxscam wasn’t enough money for those greedy bitches. No, now they want a $5B Abortion Slush Fund masquerading as ‘Protecting America’s Southern Border.’ Holy shit, I love it whenever Nancy Pelosi politely tells Trump, “Fuck you and that corporate media horse you came riding in on.”  Trump has never looked so defeated. It’s so bad that some elected Republicans are jumping ship.

Nancy Pelosi knows that Trump is in bed with Religious Grifters, Pro-Life Grifters, and Corporate Media CEO’s Grifters all waiting to get this grubby little hands on Trump’s $5B Abortion Slush Fund.