Hoodrat Nation Part Nine: Grady And Shady K.I.S.S.I.N.G

Let’s just be honest, men like Grady are homophobic on steroids, yet from where I was standing, Grady and Shady were lovers. I mean, they acted more like boyfriend/girlfriend than Manager and Subordinate. It was one of the first things I’d noticed after the shit hit the fan and I’d exposed Shady’s Time Thief behavior and his obsession with berating Grady. After I’d exposed Shady ass to his face, it took him less than a minute to turn tail and run into Grady’s arms for protection.

Let’s just be honest, a $30 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time has come. You feeling me? 😉

Let’s just be real, Trump is in bed with some shady Religious, Pro-Life, and elected Republican Grifters all waiting to get their grubby little hands on Trump’s $5B Abortion Slush Fund. Remember, you heard it here first.

Let’s just be honest, Hell hath no fury like a gun-toting, Hillbilly Heroin/porn addicted, Confederate flag waving/MAGA hat wearing white supremacist scorned.

Fuck the wall, let’s be honest, let’s be real, I want to talk about how Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Water are figuratively beating Trump’s racist ass just like Yasmine James plummeted racist Micky D’s customer, Daniel Taylor’s ass with a flurry of punches. Pass the popcorn.

I don’t know about you but Trump’s $5B Abortion Slush Fund done faded away and he’s looking for someone to blame like Bitch McConnell. Trust me, Trump betrays everyone. Just ask all those porn actresses who saw Trump’s Pinky Finger.


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