Hoodrat Nation Part Three: Grady And Shady

Grady was a Trump mini-me and Shady was a poor man’s Kanye. Suffice it to say “Grady and Shady were the poster children for Time Thief.” The deplorable conditions they condoned at one public school were shocking. So shocking that I’d videotaped the deplorable conditions inside the restrooms at this public school during its summer school program. Fortunately for me, Grady’s and Shady’s coverups were worse than their crimes.

After working at three different public schools as a Custodian I’d noticed a serious patterning of Time Thief being perpetrated by a majority of Custodians, Supervisors, and Managers. I hadn’t realized the magnitude of how high this behavior went up the chain of command until I’d met the Regional Manager named ‘Godfather.’ His gangsta leadership was impressive. He ruled with a laptop computer. Godfather for the 21st Century. Don’t believe me, I wrote a book about it. Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. You can purchase a copy from Amazon books. A scandal a minute.

Come back tomorrow for some more adventures in Grady and Shady Land.

A $30 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time has come. Now that’s gangsta!

Pelosi put the smackdown on Trump again. She made a public announcement that Trump will not receive one cent of his $5B Abortion Slush Fund. Enquiring minds want to know, ‘What will Trump do now?’ He betta do something like run naked through the streets while FOXNEWS praises him for wearing the best tailor suit ever. I ain’t mad at Trump, because he’s our 21st Century, ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes On.’ That’s Trump’s legacy. Holy shit, wait until those Evangelical Christians realize that Trump is in bed with Religious/Pro-Life Grifters all waiting to get their grubby little hands on Trump’s $5B Abortion Slush Fund. Hell hath no fury…





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