Fuck the dumb shit, at this moment my biggest distraction is ‘Dinnergate.’ What’s ‘Dinnergate?’ Well, ‘Dinnergate’ was worth its weight in gold. For a Blogger like me, it was a treasure chest full of diamonds, pearls, rubies, and silver coins/jewelry. ‘Dinnergate’ was a jackpot! OK, are you feeling me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Holy shit, one of my brothers allowed his hoodrat girlfriend to invite all of her three grown ass children, her son’s fiancรฉ and a grandchild to a family Christmas dinner hosted and paid for by one of my generous sisters. You following me so far? Oh, maybe this tidbit will help you fully understand the magnitude of this hoodrat behavior. Prior to our 2018, family Christmas dinner event, our sister had sent us via text message a formal invitation that clearly stated in writing that we were allowed to invite one guest. Now, remember ‘One Guest’ when I tell you this! Because our brother is sleeping with a hoodrat he allowed her to illegally invite her immediate family of five (5) knowing that our generous sister was footing the entire bill.

Seriously, come back tomorrow because this shit turned nastier if that’s possible! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Maybe this is a good time to explain one of my reasonings for advocating for a $20 Federal minimum wage law in this country.ย  In my case, I show up to work on time and I’m focused on my job from start to finish. In other words, I honor my worthiness and that’s one of the reasons I’m advocating for a livable wage.

Ima be honest, Trump 2018 Government Shutdown is so predictable, lame, boring, repetitive, unimaginative, cowardly, wimpy, and one giant snooze fest. C’mon, $5B will offset Trump’s cost for paying porn actresses to sleep with him and his buddies, then pay those same porn actresses thousands in hush money. Oh, and by the way, Trump paid for all the quality abortions resulting from his adulterous behavior. But the best part, Trump is in bed with some Religious Grifters and some Pro-Life Grifters. Now, that’s the real story! ๐Ÿ˜‰