$5B Will Help Trump Pay For His Mistresses Abortions

And pay them hush money too, while simultaneously Trump and the Republican Party are in bed with Pro-Life Gigolos.  Hello, Trump’s wall is just another scam being perpetrated on Trump’s supporters. Listen, I ain’t mad at Trump, because Hell hath no fury like a gun-toting, Hillbilly Heroin/porn addicted, and confederate flag waving/MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter scorned. You feeling me? 😉

Trump already pulled his scapegoat card regarding Trump’s 2018 Government Shutdown. How boring, repetitious, lame, snooze feast, cowardly, lazy and incompetent can one man be? Men like Trump have to pay women to have sex with them, otherwise, men like Trump would live their lives like a monk, ie., absent of sex. That’s why men like Trump are so vindictive, angry, bratty, and unfulfilled. Oh, it gets better, because men like Trump are jealous of men of color.

In Trump’s case, he’s extremely jealous of President Obama. I’m talkin’ psychologically jealous of President Obama. Think about it, President Obama had, is, and will continue to outwit, outsmart, and outplay Trump and his cabal at every turn. Now wrap that knowledge up, put a big red bow on it, and give it to a friend for Christmas and ‘Bam,’ best Christmas ever.  😉

Because Trump is driven by his psychological jealousy towards President Obama, Trump will inadvertently keep digging up all his aborted babies. Biblically speaking, Trump and the Republican Party don’t give a fuck about abortions. As long as they can bamboozle, dupe, and hoodwink Evangelical Christians, they’re happy. I ain’t mad at Trump, nor I’m I mad the Republican Party because Hell hath no fury like an Evangelical Christian scorned.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep sowing and nurturing the seeds of a $20 Federal minimum wage law. What a good feeling!