Republicans Made Abortions A Privilege

That’s how corrupt they are. Hear me out! 😉 Republicans have no qualms paying for their mistresses to get access to a quality abortion doctor, while simultaneously making it illegal for women of color or economically challenged women to have access to a quality abortion doctor. Oh, it gets betta! 😉 The Pro-Life folks are in bed with Republicans. Now you tell me what the fu*k is going on. 😉

OK, so knowing that and feeling that I ain’t mad at Republicans or the Pro-Life folks. No, they’re only entertainment. Republicans and the Pro-Life folks are con men, conning Evangelical Christians. Holy shit, Hell hath no fury like an Evangelical Christian scorned. I rest my case!

Say what you want about Democrats, but at least we’re smart enough to see GOD in every human being and beyond. Segway that into why a $20 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time has come. Are you feeling me now? 😉

May I remind Y’all that ‘Ambushed’ is a perverted sex game perpetrated at FOXNEWS. That’s why Sarah Huckabee was waging mimic wars with Trump’s latest diversion tactics. Trump’s recent military decision is just another diversion tactic. Suffice it to say, this morning Trump woke up and Impeachment was sleeping right next to him. C’mon, Trump had been and is panicking and all I can say is “Pass the popcorn.”  😉