Trump’s Goal Had Been To Pay His Mistresses To Abort Their Pregnancies.

While simultaneously pretending to be aligned with Evangelical Christian beliefs. It’s just one of Trump’s con games. I ain’t mad at Trump because Hell hath no fury like an Evangelical Christian scorned.

Elected Republicans should be renamed to Unselected Republicans because they steal elections through any means necessary. In other words, Republicans abort votes as well as pay for their mistresses to get an abortion. I ain’t mad at Republicans for lying, cheating, and conning white supremacists, because Hell hath no fury like a gun-toting, confederate flag waving, and Hillbilly Heroin addicted white supremacist scorned.

Listen, I’m sowing the seeds to passing a $20 Federal minimum wage law. I ain’t mad at those scarcity consciousness folks who believe in paying unlivable wages to American workers because they’re some non-mutha f*k factor bitches.

Melania Trump’s mind and body are so dilapidated from plastic surgery that beneath her designer clothes she thinks and looks like a decrepit old drunk full of anger from being married to Trump.