Biblically Speaking, Nancy Defeated Goliath

Trump, i.e., ‘Goliath’ got his ass handed to him by Nancy Pelosi over his fake wall. Betcha Trump’s supporters are feeling a lot of anguish this morning. C’mon, Nancy Pelosi shattered Trump’s already fragile ego by publicly kicking his dumb ass. The best part, she did it brilliantly and meticulously. For one thing, Nancy Pelosi told Trump, “Don’t characterize the strength that I bring.’  Linguistic code to Trump “You’re a non-mutha f*k factor, Bitch.” I rest my case! 😉

OK, here’s some more good news. We’re one day closer to passing a $20 Federal minimum wage law, because of Nancy Pelosi’s brilliant/outstanding leadership skills. Also, because we’re worth it! I rest my case! 😉

During this meeting at the Trump’s Whore House, formerly known as the White House, Trump and Pence looked a lot worried, don’t you think? Worried that the jail they’d built for Hillary is the jail they’ll be living in for the rest of their lives. Trump and Pence are up to their eyeballs in corruption and shutting down the Government over a fake wall, that’s icing on Nancy Pelosi’s cake.