Abortions Will Still Be Legal For Republican’s Mistresses

Like Trump, Republicans know how to scam Evangelicals. One way is to pretend with Evangelicals that abortions are wrong. However, Trump and Republicans have no qualms paying for an abortion for any of their mistresses. Enquiring minds want to know, ‘Are Evangelicals too trusting?’ I mean, if con men like Trump and elected Republicans can easily fool Evangelicals over and over again, is there any doubt that they [Evangelicals] are living in Hell? Suffice it to say, the first prerequisite to living in Hell is becoming an Evangelical or white supremacist.

Alrighty, passing a $20 Federal minimum wage law is manifesting right before my eyes. I mean that the light switch was turned on and Trump got caught with his hands in Putin’s cookie jar. C’mon, I can’t make this shit up? 😉

Trump is up to his eyeballs in corruption and the only people who can’t see Trump for what he really is, i.e., his daughter is the other woman, there’s something psychologically wrong with them. I ain’t mad at Trump’s supporters because when the final reckoning comes, it’s gonna be brutal for them.

Oh, and by the way, I’m predicting that Rep. Joaquin Castro will become the next POTUS. Why? Because it’s his destiny.