Trump And Pence Are Two Fallen Angels

Ejected from Heaven for spiritual consequences. They’re part of a “sect’ of sexually repressed white con men. Their only purpose is scamming others especially Evangelicals. Well, I for one ain’t mad at Trump or Pence because Hell hath no fury like an Evangelical scorned.

I’ll just keep minding my own business of nurturing the seeds of a $20 Federal minimum wage law in America. That’s right, it’s time to honor working Americans by paying a livable wage. I know, all those scarcity consciousness folks, i,e., sexually repressed white con men will scream  ‘Hell No.’ All I can say to them, “I Really Don’t Care, Do You!”

Trump and Pence are so incompetent that Russia had no qualms blackmailing them. C’mon, Trump has an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter and Pence never saw a male porn actor he didn’t pay hush money too.

Any man applauding Trump for acting ‘normal’ at Bush Sr’s funeral is most likely a sexually repressed man who paid for his mistress to get an abortion.


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