Trump Is Hiding Behind Bush Sr’s. Casket

Does it get any better than that? Trump is synonymous with ‘Scaredy Cat.’ Trump sold out America for a lousy business deal with Russia and now he’s trying to hide behind Bush Sr’s funeral.

Well, now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump is an incompetent negotiator. C’mon, Trump couldn’t complete the deal. He got caught with his hands in Putin’s cookie jar. Seriously, Trump is a laughingstock.

Listen, I ain’t mad at Trump because he’s making a $20 Federal minimum wage law look easy. How? Trump’s incompetence had and still is a worldwide embarrassment. We also know that when it comes to abortions, Trump and his cabal have no qualms paying for their mistresses to have an abortion while passing laws making it illegal for other women to have access to an abortion. It’s called a scam. Hello, Hell hath no fury like an Evangelical scorned.

At this rate, the only folks voting for any Republican will be six feet under stiff and cold.