Trump Sold Out America For A Lousy Business Deal With Russia

While betraying his supporters by promoting MAGA. Well, Trump is the same man who has an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter, so I’m not surprised. Say what you want about Democrats, but if a Democratic President sold out America, I’d bet he/she would do it for world domination, not for some lousy business deal with Russia.

While Trump stays busy trying to save face by pretending he’s honoring the late Bush Sr., I’ll keep nurturing the seeds of a $20 Federal minimum wage law. C’mon, American workers are worthy of abundance.

Trump is synonymous with ‘Disharmony.’ He sold out America for a lousy business deal with Russia and his supporters will have to deal with the knowledge that Trump doesn’t give a fuck about them. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt like Hell.

Some more good news, Trump woke up this morning and Impeachment was sleeping right next to him!


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