Diamond And Silk Work For A Brothel

Masquerading as a cable news channel, i.e., FOXNEWS. I ain’t mad at them! Enquiring minds want to know, “How many licks did it take for Diamond and Silk to get to the center of Hannity’s and Tucker’s pinky fingers?’ Hello, Diamond and Silk joined the ranks of knowing the kind of kneeling Conservatives approve of. Diamond and Silk have the morals of an alley cat so they should feel right at home at FOXNEWS. Just saying! 😉

Don’t get your panties all in a bunch, Diamond and Silk are earning a living so kudos to them. Speaking of earning a living, a $20 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time has come.

Diamond and Silk work hard for their money! If Diamond and Silk aren’t earning at least $20 per hour, they should.  Look, I honor every American and our worthiness to receive abundance. As long as your job is legit, not physically/mentally harming anyone, and its an honest days work, earning a minimum of $20 per hour should be the law.

Trump paid porn actresses thousands of dollars to have unprotected sex with him, then he paid them thousands of dollars in hush money. Also, if a pregnancy occurred, Trump paid for the abortion. If you have no problems with Trump’s behavior, a $20 Federal minimum wage law is a piece of cake.