Fifty Shades Of Ann Coulter

Candice Owens, Deneen Borelli, Diamond, and Silk are black women aspiring to become the black version of Ann Coulter. I ain’t mad at cha. Their [Candice, Deneen, Diamond, and Silk] criticism of blacks and/or admiration for Trump is very appealing to racists folks. I’d betcha that David Duke has an abnormal sexual fixation towards Candice, Deneen, Diamond, and Silk. Suffice it to say, under their hooded sheets they all look the same! 😉 OK, enough of that satanic orgy.

Onto something more important, i.e., a $20 Federal minimum wage law. Bottom line, we’re worth it.

As an added bonus, a white supremacist’s nursery rhyme “There was a crooked man”

There was a crooked man who paid porn actresses for sex
He lusted after his crooked daughter and forgave her email mess
He married a crooked cat, with the morals of a Jezebel.
And they all lived together in a place called Hell.