I’d Bet That Homophobic Blacks Don’t Want To Talk About Pastor Victor Couzens

I could be wrong and I’d be the first to admit it, but at this moment in time, it is my opinion that homophobic Blacks have no qualms about Pastor Victor Couzens’s behavior. But when a young man came to another church here in America, dress as a woman, homophobic Blacks publicly vilifying this young man. Listen, I ain’t mad at homophobic Blacks, because you reap what you sow!

I’m looking forward to America’s future and passing a $20 Federal minimum wage law. Will it be easy? Truth be told, it has a snowball’s chance in Hell. I like those odds, what can I say, I look forward to new challenges to my awareness.

This came straight from the horse’s mouth, Pastor Victor Couzens condoned the culture of silence that has enabled pastors to exploit women in the black church without penalty. I’m waiting for the other Black Church supporters go out there and use the Bible to vilify Pastor Victor Couzens as much as they had vilified a Transgender person. Tick, tock, tick, tock…

May I remind y’all that Homophobic Blacks use the Bible as a weapon against people they don’t like. How original! A Transgender person has the same rights as a Homophobic Black to live here in America, in peace.

Homophobic Blacks prove that Bullying behavior has its benefits. C’mon, a Pastor having several sexual relationships at the same time with women in his congregation and y’all are mad about what a Transgender person is wearing? Being a Pimp masquerading as a Pastor is obviously held in high esteem in a Homophobic Black world. But a man wearing a dress is frowned upon! I’m just thankful that Homophobic Blacks have their priorities straight.

Read it for yourself the Pastor Victor Couzens’s Escapades





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