‘White Privilege Abortions’

Conservatives have no qualms paying for and making sure their mistresses have access to quality abortions, i.e. White Privilege Abortions, but those same men pass legislation making quality abortions illegal for the rest of us. It’s time to start the conversations about how Conservatives are scamming the Pro-Life movement. I ain’t mad at Conservatives. Hell hath no fury like a true pro-life believer scorned.

However, I have no qualms advocating for a $20 Federal minimum wage law. Yeah, I know, it has a snowball’s chance in Hell, but I like those odds. This is my Lottery.

If it’s drama they want, then it’s drama they’ll get. C’mon, the birth of misogyny, i.e., the fairy tale of Adam and Eve. Adam had the motto, means, and opportunity to frame Eve. I rest my case! 😉

C’mon, Y’all know that White Privilege Abortions are a lucrative business for several Doctors around the world. The birth control apparatus receives millions of dollars distributing quality birth control pills to all of these Conservative’s mistresses. However, these same Conservatives pass legislation making it illegal for the rest of us to have access to quality birth control pills. Hey, I’m impressed that Conservatives are publicly betraying the Pro-Life movement. It’s called ‘Drama.’


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