The More Racist They Are, The Harder They Fall

In the early morning of Wednesday, November 7, 2018, Maxine Waters told Trump to go outside and find a switch so she can whoop his fat backside come January 2019. On top of that good news, as of November 7, 2018, Trump continues to wake up only to find Impeachment sleeping right next to him. 

Karma is a Bitch! 😉

OK, enough comedy for one day, let me honor the worthiness of every working American. A $20 Federal minimum wage law in America is an idea whose time has come.

OK, back to the comedy, I personally see misogyny written all over this Nancy Pelosi debate.  But, and here’s the good news, the Good Ole Boys Club is terrified of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi for a good reason, i.e., ‘Older female treachery will always beat out older male treachery.’ Maxine and Nancy are gonna put the smackdown on Trump and his cabal.

Holy smoke, every day in every way misogynistic men in our corporate news media are running out of the closet trying to defend their male chauvinistic attitudes. I ain’t mad at cha! 😉 

Say what you want about Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi but, they do enjoy kicking male chauvinistic asses and taking numbers. Welcome to the Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi reality show bitches ‘How To Get Away With Impeaching Trump.’

I’m optimistic about our future and I’m looking forward to new challenges to my awareness. Stay tuned! 😉