Y’all Got Punk’D By Trump Again

I feel you, I ain’t mad at cha! The truth shall set you free. The truth is that Trump is synonymous with Misogyny. After decades of demeaning women, i.e. his wives, some of us are suddenly offended by Trump because Trump said demeaning things to some Black women. Trump doesn’t have a loyalty bone in his body, do you get it now? 😉

Ask yourself this question, “Did I really believe at this moment in time that Trump would publicly honor some Black women?” Trump had been and still is true to his misogynistic self. Do you get it now? 😉

OK, I’m so happy for you. Let’s talk about a $20 Federal minimum wage law passed within five years. It is the idea whose time has come. Hello, how do I manifest that idea into reality? Enquiring minds want to know. 😉


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