Maxine Waters Is About To Put The Smackdown On Trump

Maxine Waters putting the smackdown on Trump is a movie waiting to be produced. C’mon, you heard it here first, I’ll predict that Viola Davis’s performance of Maxine Waters putting the smackdown on Trump will create another Oscar nomination for her.

Talk about Karma, are we lucky or what? We’re witnessing Trump spiraling down the rabbit’s hole. We’re witnessing how a White Supremacist masquerading as POTUS receiving his comeuppance from a Black Woman elected to Congress. Pass the popcorn! 😉

Trump is so afraid of Maxine Waters that he condoned a doctored video to divert attention away from Maxine Waters. But, and here’s the best part, our misogynistic corporate news media still holds Trump in high esteem, so it obliged. The conversations on cable news were dominating by debating Trump’s doctored video. So, you won’t hear how Trump is so afraid of Maxine Waters that he left town with his tail between his legs. Shhhhhhhh, don’t tell our misogynistic corporate news media, but there are millions of Maxine Waters all over the world.  I ain’t mad at our misogynistic corporate news media! 😉

If you think Maxine Waters’s serving Trump a silver platter of Impeachment is a movie waiting to happen, the sequel will tell the story of how Mike Pence was terrified of Nancy Pelosi. Because in real time, Nancy is about to put the smackdown on Pence.

Karma is a bitch! 😉 Just imagine Viola Davis reciting Maxine Waters’s words.


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