Impeachment Is In Love With Trump

It’s called a Love Story. The first step towards Trump’s removal is a woman named Impeachment. Then, after Trump’s removal, Impeachment will fall in love with Mike Pence. It’s called a Love Story-Part II. Both impeachments can be seen and heard on a television set near you. Can you believe how lucky Democrats are?

Trump mistakenly believed he could cut and run from Impeachment by leaving the U.S. It backfired, Trump woke up again and found Impeachment sleeping right next to him. That’s why he canceled the visit to a U.S. military cemetery outside Paris. He didn’t want the press to see Impeachment on his face.

If you think Trump is terrified of the Democratic majority in the House, i.e. Maxine Waters, Mike Pence is terrified of Nancy Pelosi. Biblically speaking, “An old treachery man is no match for an old treachery woman.” Trump and Pence don’t stand a chance against Waters and Pelosi. Say what you want about Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, but they’re about to party like Democracy.

How fitting I say. Two elected females, one Black, the other White, defeat two white supremacists masquerading as POTUS and VP. Now, you heard it here first, my pick to play the role of Maxine Waters is, of course, Viola Davis. I’ll think about who should play the role of Nancy Pelosi in the Movie version of this story. Stay tuned!

I can only speak for myself, but I’m optimistic about America’s future and I’m looking forward to new challenges.


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