Voting Blue Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint


Trump was so afraid of the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives that he left town with his tail between his legs. Mr. Chicken Little can dish it out but, he can’t take it. I ain’t mad at Trump because he’s a laugh a minute.

A funny thing happened on the way to Trump’s Impeachment, i.e., Trump’s latest scam. Y’all know how Trump tried to convince us that after decades of throwing women under the bus, he’d suddenly was remorseful, and became a champion of women’s rights. Trump took this scam all the way to revoking the press credentials from a CNN Reporter to prove his [Trump’s] devotion to women’s rights. C’mon, don’t you see the humor it that? That shit was funny.

Here’s what you won’t hear from our corporate news media:

  • That on Wednesday morning November 7, 2018, Trump woke up and Impeachment was sleeping right next to him.
  • That Impeachment has an abnormal sexual fixation towards Trump because Trump doesn’t have an honest bone in his body.
  • That Trump goes out of his way to remind us how narcissistic he really is.
  • That Trump peed in his pants after hearing he’d lost his grip on the House of Representatives.
  • That Trump is still fuming about being laughed at by a room full of world leaders.
  • That Trump’s tax returns will reveal how much of a Putin’s boy he really is.
  • That Trump is addicted to penis enlargement pills and Hillbilly Heroin.
  • Or that Trump is the epitome of ‘Displaced Aggression’ and he appeals to the white supremacy in all of us!

Biblically speaking, America was founded on white supremacy. Let’s no fool ourselves, voting blue is a marathon, not a sprint. Capiche?