Trump Ritually Burdens His Sins Onto Others

Just to remind the rest of us how narcissistic he is. I ain’t mad at Trump, he’s a laugh per minute. Seriously, Trump narcissistically assumed that Senate Republicans will protect him from the Democratic majority in the House. Even though the world heard and saw Trump give his middle finger to the Congressional Republicans who lost their elections. As one of those misfortunate Republicans said, “Trump danced on our graves.” In reality, Trump gave all three of his wives the middle finger and he was/is sleeping with them/her. Hey Trump supporters, I don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to know that Y’all are so blinded by your own scapegoating that you’re easy prey for con men like Trump. I ain’t mad at cha.

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, Trump woke up and Impeachment was sleeping next to him. Impeachment has an abnormal sexual fixation towards Trump because Trump doesn’t have an honest bone in his body.

Ima stop playing and get serious. What about a $20 Federal minimum wage law? Remember that Voting Blue is a Marathon, not a Sprint.



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