Trump Had Another Conniption Fit This Morning

Why? Because Trump still has no cojones after devouring thousands of penis enlargement pills. So, Trump’s aggression that he cannot express to the actual source that provoked his anger, he released his anger onto Hispanic Americans who had nothing to do with Trump’s lack of cojones. Thus you have the Executive Order ending birthright citizenship.

Classic knee-jerk reaction from a man with no cojones. Do you need any more proof that Trump is weak and a bully? Trump just embolden his supporters to perpetrate more violence against Americans so he can blame the media. But here’s the best part, the corporate news media had invested in Trump’s conniption fits. Something about a grown white man behaving like a toddler becoming an aphrodisiac for our corporate media CEOs.

Everybody knows that racism is synonymous with impotency. That’s just one of the reasons why racists are so angry.

C’mon, Kanye West, Candice Owens, Diamond, and Silk are minstrel performers who willingly entertain white supremacists. Right Clarence Thomas? Look, I ain’t mad at cha. Uncle Ruckus and Aunt Jemima need a hero too. I’m happy for Y’all.

Good news Democrats, be thankful that you’re not a Republican. Hello, that means you voted for Hillary Clinton, that also means she won the 2016 Presidential election but, shit happened. Trump is at best a temporary setback. Know this, Democrats are a success to the degree that we feel warm and loving towards ourselves and others. Stand your ground Democrats and remember, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword!’