When World Leaders Laughed At Trump

To Trump’s face, Democrats knew at that moment that the world was on our side. So, be happy and count your blessings.

C’mon, Trump is a laughingstock in America and all over the world. Trump was publicly humiliated at the U.N. and his already fragile ego shattered into tiny pieces. All of the Birther King’s porn actresses and all of the Birther King’s Russian prostitutes couldn’t put Trumpy back together again.

Talk about waving the white flag of defeat, Meghan McCain and Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. recently and publicly waved a huge white flag of defeat. Well, it did help that they’re both weak and bullies just like Trump. Meghan, Trump, and pipe bomber Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. are alike in more ways than one. They’re all suffering from ‘Displaced Aggression.‘ Their aggression cannot be expressed to the actual source that provoked the behavior. Instead, their anger is released onto someone who had nothing to do with the original conflict.

OK, you heard it here first! Welcome to the 21st Century of ‘Many Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.  😉 A Comedy-Drama About Trumpy. 

Enquiring minds want to know if Kanye is the Black Norman Bates? Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😉