Give Candice Owens Some Credit

Her highest social status in adulthood is being a closeted white supremacist. I think we should give her a parade because she’s brilliant at being a closeted white supremacist. I love those Black people, they make me laugh.

I really do admire Meghan McCain’s courage for publicly waving the white flag of defeat. She like Trump is weak and a bully. She compared bomb threats to restaurant heckling.  Meghan McCain is the epitome of being weak and a bully just like Trump. Seriously, weak bullies make me laugh. I ain’t mad at Meghan McCain.

I want to pay homage to Trump for betraying white supremacists. If you thought Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr were experts at betraying their supporters, Trump makes them look like choir boys. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Trump had help, he didn’t steal the POTUS on his own. He’s not that intelligent. We know who stole the 2016 Presidential election from Hillary Clinton. He knew like we all know that Trump is a con man and betraying white supremacists is on the top of his ‘To Do List.’ I ain’t mad at Trump.