Three Rings And Some Cry Babies

#SpitGate was all started by James Harden. C’mon, Harden is a ‘dirty player’ which is not a problem because most players at that level are ‘dirty players.’ Harden “blatantly disrespected” Brandon Ingram by pushing him during the game. Ingram pushed Harden like a twelve-year-old and then Rondo, CP3 and the rest of those wuzzy gave into their twelve-year-old persona.

The Oscar goes to James Harden for best actor in a drama. His performance at playing the innocent victim wrongly accused by the Referee for ‘Charging’ was impressive. Then Harden played the victim of a sissy push in the back from Ingram. Best supporting actor in a drama was CP3. He got spat on by Rondo because he was so close in Rondo’s face that for a moment I’d believed CP3 was trying to kiss him.

Hello, Harden, CP3, and Carmelo Anthony are all suffering from ‘Displaced Aggression.’ LeBron has three (3) Championship Rings and Harden, CP3, and Carmelo Anthony have zero. I call this drama, ‘Three Rings and some Cry Babies.’ 


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